Maintenance and Care of Honed Basalt Floors


Lithofin cleaning products available from Stone Tile Warehouse (

Cleaning fabrics: Mopping equipment and cleaning fabrics available from Enjo, contact Kathy Smith 0400363960. For “Method” cleaning products contact Kathy Smith.

Neutral Detergent recommendation: Johnsons “View Quick” and “Tempo Heavy Duty Cleaner available from:

  • Bunzl Cash Store: 346 Newcastle Street, Perth 9328 4200
  • Campbells Janitor Supplies: 22 Irvine Street, Bayswater 9370 5100
  • Statewide Cleaning Supplies: 39 Frobisher Street, Osborne Park 9444 8677


On completion of the installation of a honed basalt floor, we recommend that it be sealed with a penetrating sealer which does not change the appearance of the material or leave a film on the surface (see attached or refer to our web site for the list of recommended sealer & sealing contractors).

Once a choice of sealer has been made, we suggest a sample is done to ensure that the stone in question responds well to the application and the result is appealing. Some sealers may have a slight darkening effect. Note that it is critical that the floor is professionally cleaned prior to sealing, allowing adequate time to dry prior to application.

After application of the sealer any excess sealer residue should be removed by buffing with a white nylon pad. This buffing process will leave the floor with a low sheen which, if preferred to the completely matt finish, can be maintained by simply buffing with the white nylon pad after washing the floor. For clients that prefer the more matt finish, the low sheen left after completion of the sealing process will track or wear over time.

Re-sealing will be required after a period and this will vary from one sealer product to another so we suggest checking the manufacturer’s recommendations. Note, however, that while manufacturers may recommend lengthy periods before re-sealing, exposure to acidic substances or acid rain may eliminate the effect and benefit of the sealer, requiring re-sealing once this has eventuated.

Washing and cleaning

Washing of the floor for general maintenance purposes should be carried out using warm to hot potable water. (One may consider a dash of methylated spirits to help eliminate wash marks). If necessary, a mild detergent (e.g. dish-washing liquid, shampoo or alternatively, see our recommendations below), can be added to make the removal of soiling or dirty marks more effective. Adding detergent can mean washing marks are obvious on completion and if so, wash with fresh hot water and a dash of methylated spirits to eliminate marks.

For a non-rinse detergent, we recommend Johnsons View Quick, a non-rinse product that should help remove most dirt and grime and enhance the appearance of the floor. For removal of difficult marks, we recommend “Tempo Heavy Duty Cleaner”, available from “State-wide Cleaning Supplies”. “Tempo” is an aggressive but non-acidic neutral cleaning agent however, rubber gloves should be used while applying this product. Lithofin Power Clean is also a suitable alternative.

For removal of difficult marks scrubbing with a white nylon pad, (the white abrasive backing on your “Scotchbrite” sponge) should be effective. We suggest a sample is done initially to ensure no scratching. If in doubt wear the white nylon pad out to some extent on another surface prior to use.

Enjo Approach

As an environmentally friendly approach, consider the “Enjo” approach, where washing with cold water only is recommended, followed by use of “ Method Squirt and Mop Hard Floor Cleaner”, a chemical-free product that does not require rinsing and leaves an appealing finish on the floor. (See recommendation below for “Enjo” and “Method” products).

Option specific to the stone industry: “Lithofin MN Easy Care” is a cleaning product designed for regular maintenance. MN Easy Care cleans and enhances in one action (that is, no rinsing required). For removal of difficult marks, consider “Lithofin” MN Power Clean (see product recommendations below)

For further clarification or discussion on the maintenance of basalt floor tiles, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US directly or discuss the above further with our showroom staff.