Maintenance and Care of External Stone Floors in non-slip finishes

Flamed, sandblasted, brushed, chiselled or bush hammered surfaces


Environex Synergy is available from Stone Tile Warehouse  (

Neutral Detergent recommendation: Johnsons “View Quick” & “Tempo Heavy Duty Cleaner” available from:

  • Bunzl Cash Store: 346 Newcastle Street, Perth 9328 4200
  • Campbell’s Janitor Supplies: 22 Irvine Street, Bayswater 9370 5100
  • State-wide Cleaning Supplies: 39 Frobisher Street, Osborne Park 9444 8677

Non-slip finishes vary in degree of difficulty to clean. The more effective the non-slip finish, the more difficult to clean! The easier to clean, the less effective the non-slip finish.


On installation of any external natural stone floor or paved area in a non-slip finish, we recommend that it be sealed with Environex Synergy, ( Synergy is a sealer that is not only designed to make the stone more practical to clean and maintain but also to act as a consolidator resisting any deterioration that might result from exposure to the elements, acid rain or hard water and pool chemicals. While Synergy is a penetrating sealer, it also has a surface component that makes cleaning and daily maintenance easier.

Note that it is critical that the floor is professionally cleaned prior to sealing, allowing adequate time to dry prior to the application of the sealer, (see our list of recommended sealing contractors). Cleaning and application should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Synergy has 2 year warranty so after this period has expired, one should consider re sealing. Regular cleaning will help minimise any build-up of efflorescence (salts and impurities left after moisture from installation or external sources has dried). Note, however that the extent of any efflorescence is environmental and will vary from one site to another.

Failure to clean or remove efflorescence promptly may result in the hardening or baking of the stain when exposed to regular sunlight.

Washing and cleaning

Washing of the floor for general maintenance purposes should be carried out using a high-pressure water source and done as often as required to maintain an adequately clean appearance.  Depending on the extent of traffic and soiling, it may be necessary from time to time to “scrub wash” either manually using a standard scrubbing brush or a commercial scrub cleaning machine.

If using a cleaning agent we recommend Johnsons View Quick, a non-rinse product that should help remove most dirt and grime and enhance the appearance of the floor.

For removal of difficult marks we recommend “Tempo Heavy Duty Cleaner”, available from “State-wide Cleaning Supplies”. “Tempo” is an aggressive but non-acidic neutral cleaning agent however, rubber gloves should be used while applying this product. Lithofin Power Clean is also a suitable alternative and is available from Stone Tile Warehouse or other stone outlets.

For further clarification or discussion on the maintenance of stone floor tiles, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US directly or discuss the above further with our showroom staff.